Sacrament of Marriage

Congratulations on your engagement!

Couples who seek Marriage in the Church should contact a parish priest at least six months in advance so that the process of preparation can begin. A Marriage date in the church can only be set with a parish priest.

Preparation would include:
• Pre-Marriage Interview
This is time for the priest to gather information on the couple, to get to know them and their relationship with each other. This is also time for the priest to help the couple to start organizing and preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage.

• Taking the Prepare & Enrich Assessment
The Prepare & Enrich Assessment is a tool used by those in the field of professional counseling. This has recently been introduced into the Diocese of Cleveland as a source for beginning conversation between the couple as facilitated by the priest. It is an online assessment that both the bride and groom take individually and on their own time.

• Review of the Prepare & Enrich Assessment
The results of the assessment will show areas of strengths and the areas of growth in the couple’s relationship. Strength and growth areas will be discussed in the review sessions.

• Pre-Cana Retreat Day 
This is a day prepared by a team of married couples. This is an opportunity for the engaged couple to hear from the wealth of experience of the married couples on various topics of marriage. This is also an opportunity for the engaged couple to meet and interact with other engaged couples. Primarily, this is a day for the engaged couple to be away together and enrich their relationship. This day is offered once each year.

• Review of the Marriage Liturgy
The priest will offer to the couple many considerations for their Marriage Liturgy. He will also help them organize and be aware of some details to the Liturgy itself.

Immediate Documents needed:

From Catholic Parties:
• A Baptismal Certificate from the parish in which you were baptized. This certificate needs to be current, dated with the same year that Marriage preparation begins. To obtain this document call the parish in which you were baptized.

From those of another Christian Denomination:
• A Baptismal Certificate, either a copy of the original or a recently issued certificate. Some denominations do not necessarily keep Sacramental records.
(Everything stated above is not only the process at St. Brendan Parish, but it is the process that is in accord with the Marriage Policy of the Diocese of Cleveland.)

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