Jr. High

5th Grade Poetry

Mrs. Caroscio's 5th graders combined April's National Poetry Month and our school's Right to Read Week to create a unique poetry experience. Each student was asked to find a poem that they could perform. They could enlist the help of family members if they wanted. Their poems were compiled into one collaborative video presented here for you to enjoy.

Poetry Heroes

 Enjoy a sampling of original poems from the 6th - 8th grades to honor those on the front lines during COVID-19.

Chapter Religion Review

We all know that distant learning has proposed multiple challenges. The following video is a sample of a Religion chapter review posted for the students.

Did you know you have different voices when you read?

Using concepts and tools from Mrs. Smekens of Smekens Education Solutions, Inc., 5th graders are discovering their reading voices. Studetns learn when they read words, that is their "Reading Voice." Then the questions in your head that help you to comprehend what you read is your "Thinking Voice." But watch out for the "Distracting Voice!" 
Using stories in the monthly StoryWorks publication by Scholastic, Inc. 5th graders have been developing their voices. Here are a few samples and testamonials.

Earth’s Interior Layers Projects

What does a scientist look like?

Spaceship Docking Challenge

The students were challenged to move the spaceship (blue ball) from earth to the International Space Station without touching the Spaceship and using the materials provided. This lesson finished with a discussion about teamwork and communication, what works and what doesn't. The students were very honest about what went well and what they can work on as a class. 

8th Grade Science

Newton’s Laws of Motion: 
Students have been studying Newton’s three Laws of Motion. In order to supplement their study there have been weekly, virtual meetings. During our meets, Miss Baechle did activities that demonstrate Newton’s Laws. These demonstrations are using items that can be found around the house so the students can try the activities on their own. The following slides are examples of activities that demonstrate Newton’s First Law of Motion. 

7th Grade Science

Ocean Currents:
7th grade is studying convection currents. In order to see a visual representation of convection currents Miss Baechle held a virtual class meeting to conduct the following experiment. The only materials required were cups, a clear container, water and food coloring.

6th Grade Science

Energy Transformations:
Students have been studying kinetic and potential energy. As a summative project the students have been challenged to create an energy toy. They will upcycle/recycle materials around the house, create a working toy and present/explain the energy transformations present in their toys.
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5th Grade Science

Mass vs Weight  - Create Your Own Experiment
Students in 5th grade have been studying gravity, mass and weight. They watched a video of astronauts in the International Space Stations describing mass and weight. Then they designed their own experiment they wanted to be conducted in the International Space Station to test what they know about mass and weight.  

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